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Wood I Lie to You?

Wooden furniture is a gorgeous addition to any garden adding a comfortable, natural look to your space. And when it’s as sturdy as our builds, that piece will last you for your years. But with out care and treatment it can begin to lose it’s colour and it’s strength over time. 

We’re committed to supporting you even after your purchase. So we’ve created this blog series to help you understand and care for your garden furniture. 

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Wood Care
Faith Yearwood

How to Clean Wooden Garden Furniture

Wooden furniture that has been well loved and left out in the garden with little to no protection from the elements starts to take on this grey weathered look. But with these simple three steps you can turn that around.

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We are passionate about taking care of wood, it's part of our commitment to sustainability. By supporting others in the care of their furniture we extend the life of that build and reduce the need to buy new. If you want to learn more or you have a wood care question, get in touch with us; we'd love to help.
Louise Yearwood - Co-Founder of the Rustic Bar Company
Louise Yearwood