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The Rustic Bar Company is a family business, we have two small children who love to get involved in the building. They are our happy little helpers, whether it’s running wild with paintbrushes or helping dad keep his tools “tidy”. Over the last couple years we’ve made some great projects for our kids and they’ve thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

So from our family to yours, here are some great wooden gift ideas to stimulate their understanding  and encourage their ever growing curiosity. 

Kid's Lemonade Stand

Our kid’s loved this lemonade stand, made in a similar style to our Garden Bars! It encourages kid’s to engage with their imagination and role play scenarios they have become familiar with, like visiting the shops. £5 for a glass of lemonade might seem steep but who am I to argue with that face.

Made from reclaimed wood, this piece helps close the loop in waste, reducing the amount of new wood being cut down and stopping quality wood wasting away in landfill. 

We are not restricted to Lemonade either, this design is great for Ice Cream Stands,  Bakery’s, Market Stalls or Grocery Stores. Whatever your child is interested we can design to suit.

Kid's Wooden Lemonade Stand
Kid's Wooden Chalkboard Sand Pit

Kid's Wooden Chalkboard Sand Pit

This was commissioned as a birthday gift and it was a huge hit with the preschoolers at the party. The sturdy made sandpit allows for the kids to enjoy playing with in the sand while perched on the lip. 

The sold lid protects the pit from adverse weather conditions or curious cats. And out favorite feature is the chalkboard paint, allowing kids to switch between playing in the sand and doodling on the lid as a chalkboard table. 

We would love to make more of these, anything that combines play with learning important motor skills earns our apporval.

Let's Build it Together

Our kids have loved the wooden toys we’ve built for them over the years and we’re sure yours would too.

If you’ve got an idea of a toy you would like built for your kids, get in touch with us! We’d love to collaborate with you on it.

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We are now accepting commissions! If you've got an idea of a toy you'd like built for your kids, get in touch with us now! We'll work with you to design your piece and offer you a free no obligations quote.