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Our Story

The Rustic Bar Company was formed, in 2017, by Levi and Louise Yearwood. What started out as a hobby has grown into an award winning small business selling bespoke garden furniture across England.


A carpenter by trade, Levi first got the idea to build a garden bar after noticing the amount of material wasted on building sites. He began bringing home the scraps of wood and created the first of what was to become many, rustic garden bars and selling it on ebay. Seeing an opportunity to repurpose the wood and repurpose it into something new and unique, Levi and Louise began the journey of creating their business.


In 2018, they won the Spelthorne Business Plan Competition due to their originality and their commitment to the environment through both their chosen medium and their work with charities. 


Now, The Rustic Bar Company has expanded, branching out to creating and designing custom builds from planters to tables and even creating unique designs inspired by clients. 


Levi and Louise are excited for what the future holds for them and are looking forward to new challenges and experiences.

Spelthorne Business Plan Competition 2018 - Surrey Live
We're really passionate about creating stunning wooden builds from sustainable material. If you have any queries about our products or are looking to start creating one for yourself, get in touch with us now!
Louise Yearwood - Co-Founder of the Rustic Bar Company
Louise Yearwood